Detailed Design Review

Detailed design review is essential for understanding the clients’ vision of the project. It assists professionals to review, check and validate the design, allowing stakeholders to share information, design and detect errors during early stages of the project.
The clear and fully transparent data can eventually prevents delay and cost overruns of projects.
B.I Milligram provides services for extracting valuable data, help to prevent your projects from delays and cost overruns.

Interference check

Constructability review

Visualization content

Process simulation

< Example of rapid decision-making support of clients through alternative review of applied materials >

< Example of model modified after performing interference review between members before construction >

Before review

BIMG Solution

Quantity Surveying

Estimation based on two dimensional drawings are insufficient and are prone to errors. Three dimensional modeling prevents possible risks and errors during estimation processes.
5D BIM (Cost Estimation) can be provided based on detailed models that assists in budgeting processes and warns of cost overruns. Calculation for cost adjustments are made simultaneously with design changes.

Create Reinforcement

The construction project requires store drawings for its detailed structure. B.I Milligram, which has experience in virtual construction (BIM) and detailed drawing, provides structural steel drawing details according to the customer’s construction standards.
Review 2D drawings and BIM models are to find and resolve errors. The materials available here can help field engineers simplify management.

Steel structure detail drawing
Rebar detail drawing
Modeling example
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