Why B.IMillgram?

Integrated Project Management Service

“Simple Project Management!”
At the end of this course you will have the skills to start editing your own projects so that you can get started telling stories of your own.A lot of folks thiThe key to our service model is to provide integrated project management services based on the BIM model.
Design review, production, shop drawing, and 3D scanning can be managed through BIMG solution based on 2D drawings. This allows project participants’ sources to be integrated and the necessary materials to be shared quickly and easily.

Cloud Viewer Service

“BIM, let’s use it easier and more comfortable!”
The cloud viewer service currently being developed, is a service that allows users to easily review important files shared by integrated management services.
The Cloud Viewer Service allows you to review shared materials without any program knowledge.
In addition, the cost of the project can be minimized by eliminating the need for a license to run the program.

BIMG Technology Research

“Better technology, more to offer!”
B.I.Millagram Co., Ltd. is working on various technology researches, which is equivalent to the convergence of construction and IT, and is dreaming of a better architecture than today‘s.
We are committed to providing our customers with the latest technology at all times.
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